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Reid is a native Oregonian with deep roots in Salem. This is where he was raised and where he chose to work and start his family. He is all in for making Salem a better place for his kids and for future generations.

“I could not imagine, as I sat in class at Judson Middle School and Sprague High School, that I would one day be running for City Council. I love this city and I want to give back not only because it gave so much to me, but pay it forward so my kids and the next generation can have city worth being proud of.”

Reid and his wife Maggie have two little boys, Charlie and Paul, and a new baby girl on the way! Reid is a CPA and the Finance Director at Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics. He is a common sense leader and able to bring people together in meaningful ways.

At Salem Health, Reid is committed to delivering quality health care services to the Salem community. This commitment to service is at the center of everything he does. We need this commitment to service representing Ward 7 to make positive changes.

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