New Directions with Reid Sund–

Each morning as I drive to work, I’m energized by the fact our local community hospital continues to break ground with new ideas and vision to improve the care of our community. It is this that same passion that drives me to run for City Council. This past week was no exception.

New Solutions for Homelessness

I kicked off the week attending the City Council meeting after work. The idea of opening Pringle Community Hall to assist in temporarily housing the homeless was unveiled to the public. Many, including myself, were quite surprised at this proposal. I am interested in how you feel about this proposal. Please weigh in by answering the survey.

Prioritizing Your Taxdollars- Update on City of Salem Budget Committee

I am a member of the Salem Budget Committee and we met for the first time this year this past Wednesday. I was struck by the fact that the added revenue “operating fee” is being swept into the general fund and does not dedicate any dollars to improving city infrastructure. Without dedicating money toward a specific purpose, it will not be prioritized for the work needed to drive economic development and encourage businesses to locate in our community. Those new funds coming from a new tax on your utilities, can be used for anything. Instead, the funds will simply be used as a bandaid to continue to spend with little to no strategic direction on where we are headed.

Making Connections

If you have a school event, neighborhood association meeting, or community group you’d like me to attend to have more discussion on what’s needed to move Salem forward, please email me at and let me know. I’m excited to learn your ideas, hopes, and dreams for Salem’s future.

That’s it for now.

More updates to come.

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