New Directions with Reid Sund –

Making Connections –

Each weekend between now and the primary I have committed to meeting you and walking your neighborhood with others in Salem who believe we need a new direction- one that actually balances the needs of our business community and downtown. One that delivers the high quality city services residents like you deserve: keeping Salem safe, and taking care of our citizens.

But to win in May I need your help, be it through canvassing, putting up lawn signs, waving signs, sharing Facebook posts, or even sharing this newsletter with your friends and coworkers. So please, email or sign up and roll up your sleeves this spring. Together we can move Salem forward!


This week the Salem City Council advanced the sidewalk ordinance to better address our homeless population needs for services and support our downtown business community. It was a refreshing first start and one I’ve been supportive of from the beginning as it provides necessary tools for law enforcement to better assist connecting people with much needed services. So many times, services are difficult to navigate on the streets for both those who are trying to assist residents needing housing and those residents needing housing.

New Solutions to Homelessness –

The sidewalk ordinance, which would be in effect 7am -9pm daily, will strike a balance of sharing public space. However there are a few added hurdles: 1) additional day center space must be made available 2) temporary shelter is provided perhaps using a large tent or something to that nature at Marion Square Park 3) restrooms must be available and secure and 4) there needs to be a place for storage of personal belongings. The estimated cost for some of this is in the range of $300,000 which brings me to my next issue: prioritizing your money.

Priorizing Your Money –

You may have received a flyer in the mail this past week relating to the city’s proposed Payroll tax. While I concur we have a problem, too few police officers needed for a city with our population, I believe there are solutions beyond a payroll tax that must be considered. I’ll bring some of these ideas forward in upcoming newsletters. Rest assured- the progressive arm of the current council and my opponent believe taxes are the solution to just about every budget issue.