New Directions with Reid Sund

The Bridge

One year ago, on February 11th, 2019, our city council voted to kill the 3rd bridge. Quoted by the Statesman Journal, “City councilors Cara Kaser, Tom Andersen, Jackie Leung, Matt Ausec, Chris Hoy and Sally Cook voted to take no action on the remaining land use issues needed to keep the project alive.”

That was a disappointing night for Salem.

I am focused on the future. If I am elected, I will begin working with regional partners, ODOT, and the Federal Highway Administration on day one to bring back the Salem River Crossing to the table. Every day we don’t do something, the cost of our next bridge across the Willamette gets more expensive.

Let’s be honest, the bridge must be built, and the council has only kicked the can down the road and made that can more expensive.

Last week I met with Salem Bridge Solutions activists and I continue to learn more about what our community worked so hard towards, and where we need to go from here.

The Homeless

On Monday night I attended the city council.

On the agenda was an item regarding the camping ban and potentially opening up several areas of Salem to camping. The proposal was unrealistic and it is sad that after several months this is where we are today.

As the Mayor predicted back in November, the city council will reconsider the sidewalk behavior ordinance that was rejected. It will be back in front of the council on Monday, February 24th.

I believe that with all that Salem is doing to provide services for our homeless citizens, we can no longer promote the use of our public space for 24/7 living. It is not in the best interest of our homeless, and our vibrant downtown that we have worked so hard to revitalize is suffering.

I urge you to e-mail city council or come to the meeting on the 24th to provide public comment on this pressing matter. If you live in Ward 7, email

Getting Out into the Community

I continue to knock on doors with my sweet kids. Charlie and I knocked on 30+ more doors in South Salem. I was on a few doorsteps for 10-15 minutes, chatting about taxes the homeless, and the future of Salem. I am motivated to do more when I hear from people on their doorsteps. There is so much to look forward to if we have the right leadership.