Coronavirus Updates*

This week Gov. Kate Brown ordered all Oregonians to stay home. This was in response to pictures and videos showing crowded beaches, trails, streets, and parks. As of this Monday, five Oregonian lives were taken as a result of the coronavirus. We are now up to ten deaths, with two coming from Marion county.

There are currently 43 cases in Marion county and 3 cases in Polk. In fact, Marion County has the second most cases in Oregon and the spread does not appear to be slowing. Our community must take social distancing seriously to slow the spread and re-open our economy sooner. Stay home and save lives. At Salem Health we have taken extra precautions such as restricting visitors and screening every person coming into the building with temperature checks and essential questions. This is a critical time for our community and the hospital is at the center of it. I am proud to work for such an exceptional community asset.

For coronavirus resources and up-to-date alerts, please use the following:

*This newsletter was written on 3/25 and the number of coronavirus cases and deaths may have changed since then. Please use the above resources to stay informed.

Campaign Updates

Candidate Statement

I submitted my candidate statement, so be sure to look out for that come May! Monday was the last day to submit a statement and thankfully the County office remained open for this critical function.


Signs, signs, signs!

We are less than 60 days from the election (that’s crazy!) so that means lawn signs can go up! Last weekend some volunteers and I delivered dozens of signs. We need more sign locations in southwest Salem. If you want a sign and have not already done so, click the button below and my team and I will get one (or more) to you!

The Payroll Tax Measure

On Monday evening City Council voted to remove the payroll tax from the May ballot. The issue is dead…for now. I have been against this tax from the beginning. This would have been another burden on your pocket book. In the discussion at Council, my opponent made it clear that there will be a time in the future to bring this tax back. I could not disagree more. We need to focus on the economic recovery of our community, when that time comes. For now, stay home and save lives.