The Plan

On Monday, 4/20, Gov. Kate Brown outlined a three-phased plan in a presentation. Each phase requires a review from Oregon’s state health agency, Gov. Brown’s medical advisory team, and other public health agencies.

Phase 1

The first phase would not start until Oregon met a few measures and has proper hospital capacity and equipment. Reported cases with flu and COVID-19 symptoms must also be declining for 14 days.

In the presentation, it is suggested that at-risk individuals should continue to stay home, and that people should maintain a physical distance from others while in public. Avoiding groups of people of ten or more is still recommended and large venues (such as churches, sports arenas, and gyms) would still be closed.

Phase 2

Under this phase, schools and gyms could open as long as people are social distancing. Also, gatherings of up to fifty people could resume and nonessential travel would be allowed.

Phase 3

In the final phase, the size of gatherings would increase, people could visit nursing homes, and restaurants and bars could have more seating for patrons. Staffing at work sites would also not be restricted.

 It is important to remember that this is a tentative plan and subject to change. It is also important to note that reopening Oregon would not happen within a day. We all know that some parts of the state have been hit harder by COVID-19 than other parts.

COVID-19 Updates

As of this Thursday, Oregon has had 83 deaths from COVID-19, 304 people hospitalized with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, 2,127 positive tests, and 41,849 negative tests. Here in Marion County we have 397 cases and 14 deaths. Polk County, our neighbors to the west, has 33 cases and 1 death.

Hang in there, everyone. Once we get through this crisis we will begin to put people back to work and rebuild our local economy.

Updates on the Campaign Trail

The Election!

The election is now less than four weeks away and things are heating up! Campaigning has been a great experience for many reasons, but I think the reason that stands out to me most is you all. Getting to talk with people and hear the passion they have for their city makes this all worth it.

Stay Tuned!

My team and I have been working on some great projects, so stay tuned for those! And rememeber, less than four weeks to go!


That’s all I have for this week, Salem. Stay safe, stay healthy, and I’ll be talking to you soon! Have a great weekend.